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Reports about procurement and bidders,
dynamic of the procurement growth on the basis of saved searches.

Information metropolis

Database of companies in all industries and information about organizations participated in the auctions.

Always current information

Data about organizations and other Information will open to you additional options.

More purchases - easier search

More information about government, commercial, international, planned purchases.
New data structure for easy search and observation.

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Tender Statistics

growth/ total
Connected systems, data sources07 108
Total number of registered users+194253 712
Total customers+2 3751 297 456
Total suppliers+13 1982 687 316
growth/ total
Current procurement+31 900285 679
Total procurement (ongoing and completed)+49 51262 860 824
Total lots+67 63579 707 263
Total number of documents+260 012138 915 333

Dynamics of order placement